About us

• Our Early Childhood and Primary School Teachers hold 4-year trained university degrees with specialisations, and our educators in training hold either a Certificate III or Diploma to care for, educate and assist with educating your children.


• We provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Breakfast can also be arranged.


• We engage children with excursions and other specialist incursion events.


• We have different events throughout the seasons. These include dance performances, an Art Gallery event, Graduation for the 4-5’s and an end of year celebration for each classroom.


• We email you significant moments of your child’s day so that you can keep connected to their learning, and have something to chat about on the way home.


• We document your child’s learning through photos, writing, film and art port-folios to capture the essence of their learning. We have an online parents website. On this website, you can access all information from your child's portfolio to special events and a yearly calendar.


• We provide wipes, water, a full brimmed sun hat, sun-cream and all educational and art supplies for your child. 


Chatswood Early Learning Centre
Magnolia Cottage | L'enfant Group
103 Archer Street Chatswood, 2067

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