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Annual Calendar 


1st Jan - 7th: Gantan Sai

17th Jan: Kid Inventors’ Day

26th Jan: Australia Day


1st Feb to 28th Feb: Sustainable Living Festival

14th Feb: Valentine’s Day

16th Feb - 4th Mar: Chinese New Year

22nd Feb: World Thinking Day


1 Mar: World Book Day

4 Mar: Clean Up Australia Day

17 Mar to 25 Mar: Cultural Diversity Week

17 Mar: St Patrick’s Day

20 Mar: International Day of Happiness

21 Mar: Harmony Day

22 Mar: World Water Day

24 Mar: Earth Hour

30 Mar to 2 Apr: Easter


4 Oct: World Animal Day

4 Oct to 10 Oct: World Space Week

5 Oct: World Smile Day

15 Oct: Global Hand Washing Day

15 Oct to 21 Oct: National Nutrition Week

16 Oct: World Food Day

22 Oct to 28 Oct:  Children’s Week

25 Oct: Haloween



2 - 10: Chanukkah

10 Dec: Human Rights Day

18 Dec: Int’l Migrants Day

XMAS Party & Graduation concert

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

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