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Our Philosophy and Creative Arts Program

Our educational programs value the creative arts and connect with child-centred approaches and elements of significant philosophies and theories in early education, including the REA (Reggio Emilia Approach) and Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence. They connect with the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards in early childhood education.

Our programs are developed with our specialist Art, Dance and Music teachers and we also have a physical education program with specialist sports sessions. We embrace care for our earth and value the significance of connection with nature and others throughout the learning day. Our educational programs are specific to the 0/1-2’s, 3-4’s and 4-5’s age groupings and are open-ended and flexible while also designed to include structured small and class group sessions and intentional teaching to foster children’s development in different ways.


Whilst we separate age groups to cater for progression in learning within the developmental domains, we also aim to connect children in mixed aged and family groupings since children co-construct their learning and identity and we value the benefits of mixed age learning environments.

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